Steps to Take after a Florida Hurricane

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After a Florida hurricane has damaged your home, there are steps you can take which will help you stay safe, minimize the damage to your property and recover money in an insurance claim. 

Once a Florida hurricane has passed, you should check your home for structural damage. If there are holes in the roof, or cracks in the foundation, you may have to evacuate your home. If it seems like the structure may collapse, then immediately leave the premises. 

If the building is sound, you should do whatever you can to prevent any further property damage. If, for instance, there is a leaky pipe, shut off the main water valve. Next, check to see if there is any threat of a gas leak or electrocution. If there are broken electrical wires, or wet appliances, shut off the electricity. 

Once your home is safe and secure, make a list of any obvious damage. Include structural damage, as well as damage to any furniture and/or appliances. It would also be wise to take photographs to use as evidence in a Florida hurricane claim. 

To file a Florida hurricane damage claim, you may want to get the help of an experienced attorney. A Florida hurricane attorney can negotiate your claim with an insurance adjuster, and if necessary, file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

If you live in Florida, then you should be aware of the dangers of hurricane season. There are ways of preparing for a hurricane in Florida, so that you can minimize the damage to your home. Once a damaging storm has passed, you can get the help of an experienced Florida hurricane attorney to make an insurance claim.  

Contacting a Florida Hurricane Attorney 

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