The Jacaranda Golf Club in Plantation, Florida

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The Jacaranda Gold Club is located in Plantation Florida which offers its customers an 18 hole golf course, which also features a giant practice area for new golfers who are just starting and learning different golfing techniques. Jacaranda also features a giant Driving Range for those who are considered Pro Golfers, a Pro Shop where their customers can purchase any golfing equipment such as their gulf shoes, hats, pants, shirts, gloves, tees, as well as different golf clubs. Their customers have rated them as a 4.3 out of 5 stars based on their experience with golfing at the Jacaranda, how well maintained their grass is, how well their staff members were when their customers were either asking questions or needing help with anything. Customers have also stated they enjoyed how well they could easily golf without any issues with the grass, the staff, or any of the other customers staying there.

Jacaranda Golf Club Restaurant

 The Jacaranda Golf Club also offers its customers a beautiful restaurant, which is best described by their customers as exquisite, clean, affordable with a positive atmosphere that allows their customers to relax with ease. Every year the Jacaranda offers their customers Championship Tournaments for other Pro Golfers and Beginner Golfers to compete in, which gives their customers both entertainment as well as a competition to compete in if they choose to. Many of these events include USGA, FSGA, and PGA Championship Events, in which many of their customers book their tickets ahead of time and many of their customers also look forward to coming and watching every year these events are held. The Jacaranda also offers their customers tee time, coaching time with Professional Golfers, as well as different types of Practice Courses for both Advanced and Beginner Golfers, this allows their customers to continue to practice on their drives and swings whenever they desire to.