Tornadoes Render Central Florida Condos Uninhabitable

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In March, two devastating tornadoes tore through a Central Florida development near Haines City, damaging 28 units at a popular golf resort. Five condominium units were rendered uninhabitable by the storms.  

While the National Weather Service confirmed that the Grenelefe Golf and Tennis Resort was struck by the tornadoes, members of the condominium association worked to collect the debris in the rain. On the following day forklifts and crews worked to clear the broken glass, scattered roofs, fallen trees, and the condominium owners’ personal property. Other workers hammered tarps to cover the holes in damaged roofs. 

The General Manager of Grenelefe, Chris Gourdie, said that there was a good deal of water inside the condominium units, and that he was worried about the weight on the floors.  

Local authorities said the tornadoes’ 95 mile per hour winds also damaged mobile homes and trees over a course of 1.3 miles. Although no one was killed in the incidents, several people were said to have suffered minor bruises and injuries. 

Recovering after a Florida storm 

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