Tree Tops Park in Davie, Florida

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Are you and your family looking for a relaxing getaway? Is Cousin getting married in a month or two? Grandpa and grandson want a change of scenery, but still want to fish together? Look no farther! There is a beautiful place in Davie Florida that can help. This wonderful place is called Tree Tops Park. Tree Tops Park is an educational park and nature attraction. They are pet and kid-friendly (dogs must remain on a leash). They have a walking and biking path, as well as a nature trail where you can take a stroll while stretching your legs. If you are more of a horse person, there is horseback riding!

Tree Tops Park Views

There is also an observation tower, where you can look down upon the park itself if you are looking for someone, or if you just want a wonderful view. There is a playground for kids, and an extensive picnic area for the entire family to enjoy a nice lunch. They have a fishing pond where you can either fish or relax and watch other people enjoy the sport. There are shelter and room rentals for a nice getaway and a little R&R. Even if you just need a place to write, their rooms are perfect. A fitness facility is located somewhere in the spacious surrounding area as well. On business? Tree Tops Park can rent you a meeting room! There is a designated area for reserved special events such as parties and gatherings of all kinds, and weddings have their separate spot, just as beautiful! So whether you are searching for some peace and quiet, or a family weekend, Take a trip to Tree Tops Park, in Davie, Florida.

Tree Tops Park

3900 SW 100th Ave, Davie, FL 33328