What compensation can I recover through my Florida personal injury claim?

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The types of compensation you can recover through a Florida personal injury claim are numerous. 

With the help of a Fort Lauderdale injury attorney, you may be able to seek compensation based on the following: 

  • lost in earnings from your job;
  • property damage to your car or bicycle;
  • disfigurement or permanent disability;
  • physical and emotional trauma; and
  • a variety of other incidentals. 

There are a variety of factors a Fort Lauderdale injury attorney must consider if you choose to pursue a Florida personal injury claim. First, he or she must determine who was at fault. Even if you are considered at fault by the police officer who arrived on the scene, you may still be entitled to compensation because Florida is a pure comparative negligence state, which basically means you can still file a claim. 

After that, the degree to which you were at fault will be reviewed. If you were partially or mostly at fault, this will be subtracted from the initial amount of compensation to which you are entitled. 

Next, the nature of your injuries must be addressed. A permanent disability or major change in lifestyle will require a more stringent case and thus could yield a larger sum of compensation from your Florida personal injury claim. 

Last but not least, it must be determined whether the other party in the accident has insurance. Whether they do will have a profound effect on how your Fort Lauderdale injury attorney proceeds with the case. 

Contacting a Fort Lauderdale Injury Attorney  

Recovering compensation for a Florida personal injury claim can be a long process. Additionally, a car accident in Fort Lauderdale can completely change your life. When someone else’s negligence leads to your injuries, you shouldn’t be forced into shouldering the financial burden. To learn more about your rights, you’ll need help from a Fort Lauderdale injury attorney you can trust. Before you accept any settlement offers, contact the Florida Injury Lawyers at Falk & Falk for a free case consultation – (305) 279-0999.