What Is A First Party Insurance Claim?

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A first party insurance claim is a claim that is submitted by the person who either:

  • Owns the damaged property; or
  • Is the named insured of the damaged property.

This means that this person is making a claim for damages to their home and/or their personal property within. These damages may include:

  • Structural damage to the property;
  • Damages due to fire, severe weather, or various natural calamities;
  • Theft; and/or
  • Debris removal.

But insurance policies do not guarantee that all damages will be covered. Your coverage depends on the particular wording of the policy that you purchased. If a policy’s wording is ambiguous, then you may need it to be interpreted by an insurance claims attorney. Fortunately, if a policy is ambiguous, then it is to be read in favor of the insured, and against the insurance provider.

In many cases of insurance claims, it can be helpful to have an attorney on your side. An insurance claims attorney can help you appraise and negotiate your damage claims. If you are not able to reach an agreeable settlement with your Florida insurance provider, than an attorney can pursue your interests in a formal court of law. By filing a Florida insurance claims lawsuit, an attorney will do their best to get you the money that you deserve.  

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