What is a public adjuster in a Florida hurricane insurance claim?

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If a hurricane has damaged your property in Florida, then you will have to file a claim with your homeowners’ insurance company. To do so, you have the option to hire an insurance claim adjuster. A public adjuster is someone who is licensed and authorized by the State Department of Insurance to: 

  • Review your insurance policy in order to determine your coverage;
  • Appraise the damage that was done to your property;
  • Prepare an estimate to submit to your insurer, as well as other necessary documentation; and
  • Negotiate your payment with the insurance company’s adjuster and, based on your decision, either accept or reject the money. 

In return for these services, a public adjuster will charge you a percentage of the settlement, which is usually between 8% and 12.5% of the money you receive. However, if the public adjuster fails to negotiate a settlement, then they will still demand payment once the damage claim is settled. They will do this by maintaining a lien on the property damage claim. 

On the other hand, if you hire a Florida hurricane attorney to handle your property damage claim, you do not have to worry about failing to settle your claim. If your insurer will not agree to pay you the money you deserve, a Florida hurricane lawyer can file an insurance claim lawsuit—which a public adjuster cannot. 

If you have recently suffered property damage after a hurricane in Florida, you may want to know your options for negotiating a settlement. To learn more you can visit our article Why Choose a Lawyer Over a Public Adjustor?

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