What is needed to document “proof of ownership” for common household items?

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When disaster strikes—a hurricane, theft, fire, wind damage, etc.—and you need to file a Florida homeowners insurance claim, there are a number of things needed to show proof of ownership for your damaged household items. 

Some of the most valid proof of ownership documentation includes: 

  • receipts;
  • photographs; and/or
  • video recordings. 

The best way to show proof of ownership is to provide an itemized listing backed up by some of the above evidence. While you may not often think of doing this when times are good, the last thing you want to do is create a list from scratch, particularly when you are in the midst of a chaotic situation, such as trying to pick up the pieces after suffering serious property loss or damage. 

While common items such as furniture, clothing and electronics don’t equal the value of your home, when you add them up, the losses can be overwhelming. Since insurance adjusters will work to lower the value of any claim their company has to pay, if you’re lacking proof of ownership for items, your chance for receiving fair compensation through a Florida homeowners insurance claim is reduced.  

To offset this unfair balance, consider talking with a Florida homeowners insurance attorney as soon as possible after a disaster. If your attorney is apprised of your case from the very beginning, there will be a better opportunity to build a stronger Florida homeowners insurance claim on your behalf. By working with an attorney early in the process, they will have the opportunity to assess the weaknesses of your claim and help you to come up with the most effective plan of action. 

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