What Should I Do After My Home Is Damaged In a Hurricane?

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After a hurricane in Florida, you should assess the damage to your home and property, and then contact all of your homeowners insurance providers. Whether the damage was done by wind or rain, fire or flood, let your insurers know that you suffered damage after a hurricane.  

This is important because different insurers cover different types of damage, and you want to make sure that the right insurer is notified of the damage. By notifying them all, you won’t miss the opportunity to make a legitimate claim. 

Once you have called your insurers after a hurricane, you should follow up with a written letter. Keep a copy of the letter for yourself, and a copy for your Florida hurricane attorney. If your insurance claim is denied, a Florida hurricane attorney may help you get the money you deserve. 

After a hurricane in Florida, it is also important to take reasonable steps to prevent further property damage. For instance, if there is a hole in your roof, you should have it fixed so that further damage doesn’t occur. If you don’t take steps to prevent further damage, then your insurer can deny your claim. If you have questions about this, you can get the advice of a Florida hurricane attorney. 

The hurricane attorneys at Falk & Falk Law Firm know how important it is to you and your family to get the settlement you need in order to move on with your lives. Our hurricane attorneys have experience in helping victims of natural disasters—and other homeowners nightmares—recover from their loss. An experienced attorney can help you to fight for the compensation that you need and navigate the tricky world of homeowners and hurricane insurance. Contact us today – 1-877-663-5110.