What should I do if my Florida homeowners insurer agrees to pay my claim, but their settlement offer is far below what I believe is fair?

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If your Florida homeowners insurance carrier has agreed to pay your insurance claim, but they have offered you far less money than you deserve, you should immediately get assistance from a Florida homeowners insurance attorney. This is because during the insurance claims process, your attorney may be able to negotiate a better settlement offer. 

Your insurance settlement is generally determined by an insurance claims adjuster, whose job it is to minimize the amount of money that the insurer will pay. During the claims process, the adjuster will conduct an investigation of the damages that you have suffered. Once this investigation is complete, the adjuster will determine the amount of money they will pay to settle your claim. 

However, a Florida homeowners insurance attorney can also assess your damages. And if the adjuster’s assessment does not come close to the amount that you deserve, you can reject the settlement, and have your Florida homeowners insurance attorney attempt to negotiate your claim. If these negotiations fail to get you the money that you deserve, you may choose to pursue damages in a formal court of law. 

Even if you don’t initially see a problem with your homeowners insurance settlement, it’s best to seek advice from a Florida homeowners insurance attorney before you accept any settlement. This is because you most likely have not had experience with such claims before and may not recognize a fair settlement offer for your situation. Your best bet is to seek help from a Florida homeowners insurance attorney before you even request an appraisal.Hiring a Florida Homeowners Insurance Attorney

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