What to Do After Your Home Has Suffered From Water Damage

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If your home has suffered from water damage in South Florida, then you may be eligible for compensation in a residential insurance claim. To make a claim, there are several steps which you’ll need to take. If you have questions about filing a Florida insurance claim for water damage, you can get the professional advice of a Miami water damage attorney. 

If you have experienced water damage in South Florida, the first thing that you should do is try to mitigate the damage. This means taking the necessary steps to prevent the damage from getting worse. If you don’t try prevent the damage from getting worse, then your insurer may be able to deny your claim altogether. 

The second thing that you should do is review your insurance policy. Make sure you understand exactly what your insurance policy covers. If you need help understanding your coverage, you can consult an experienced Miami water damage attorney. 

Next, you should gather evidence of your damaged property. You can do this by taking pictures, and collecting any receipts that show the value of your property. This will help you prove your losses during your insurance claim. 

Finally, before you make your claim, you should contact a Miami water damage attorney. An attorney can help you estimate the value of your claim, as well as submit the necessary information to your residential insurance provider. 

You can learn more about how to file a residential claim for water damage in Florida by visiting our article library. 

Contacting a Miami Water Damage Attorney 

The water damage attorneys at Falk & Falk Law Firm know how important it is to you and your family to get the settlement you need in order to move on with your lives. Our South Florida water damage attorney team has experience in helping victims of natural disasters—and other homeowner’s nightmares—recover from their loss. An experienced attorney can help you to fight for the compensation that you need and navigate the tricky world of homeowners and hurricane insurance. Contact us today – 1-(305) 742-0878.