When is hiring a Miami personal injury attorney necessary?

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Hiring a Miami personal injury attorney is only necessary if you or a loved one has suffered serious, life-changing, or permanent injuries in a Florida accident caused by someone else’s negligence. A Miami personal injury attorney will help you file a Florida personal injury claim to hold all negligent parties accountable for your accident and injuries expenses.  Unfortunately, you usually can’t count on insurance companies to offer a fair settlement. 

Determining a settlement in your Florida personal injury claim will take into account your: 

  • current and future medical expenses;
  • past, current and future lost wages;
  • physical and emotional pain and suffering;
  • disfigurement;
  • disability; and
  • other expenses directly related to your injuries. 

Since insurance companies profit when they minimize or deny a claim, they will do everything possible to avoid paying you what you deserve in a Florida personal injury claim. Additionally, insurance companies and their lawyers are well aware of the legal system and hoping your need for a quick settlement and lack of information about your legal rights will cloud your judgment. 

Just like the insurance companies who will have a team of lawyers working on their side, you should have an attorney by your side to guide you through the Florida personal injury claim process. An experienced Miami personal injury attorney can help you build a solid case, handle negotiations with the insurance companies, and, if negotiations are not successful, take your case to court. 

If you try to negotiate a hefty claim on your own, insurance adjusters will try to take advantage of you. During a conversation that may seem casual, the adjuster will try to get you to say anything that will damage your claim. 

An experienced Miami personal injury attorney can help you fight for fair compensation and ensure your legal rights are protected through each stage of the injury claims process. 

Contacting a Miami Personal Injury Attorney 

After a serious Miami car accident leaves you with life-altering injuries, you’ll want to seek help from a lawyer with experience in cases like yours. The Florida Injury Lawyers at Falk & Falk know what to look for when investigating your case and can fight for your rights when negotiating with the insurance companies. Before you accept any settlement offers, contact the Florida Injury Lawyers at Falk & Falk for a free case consultation – 305-742-0878.