Why Choose a Lawyer Over a Public Adjustor?

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If you have suffered property damage after a hurricane in Florida, then you will have to file a claim with your hurricane insurer. To do so, you could hire a public adjuster to represent your claim, but there are significant advantages to hiring a Florida hurricane lawyer instead. 

What is a Florida public adjuster? 

A Florida public adjuster is someone who can legally represent your rights in a property insurance claim. They are licensed and authorized to do so by the State Department of Insurance. Generally, a Florida public adjuster will: 

  • Review your policy to determine your coverage;
  • Appraise the damage;
  • Prepare an estimate and other necessary documentation; and
  • Negotiate your payment with the insurance company’s adjuster. 

For their services, a Florida public adjuster will charge you a percentage of the settlement. 

But you may be better served by hiring a Florida hurricane lawyer. 

How can a Florida hurricane lawyer help? 

First of all, lawyers are professionals when it comes to negotiating. They are trained to handle the terms of settlements, and they do so on a regular basis. This is why insurance companies have lawyers working for them. It also provides you with an expert’s understating of the most current insurance laws. 

Secondly, a public adjuster does not have the ability to file an insurance claim lawsuit. Insurance companies know this, which makes them more likely to offer a lower estimate to an adjuster. And because an adjuster will only get paid if their client receives compensation, an adjuster is more likely to accept a low settlement offer instead of taking the time to fight for a fair amount. 

A Florida hurricane lawyer, on the other and has the ability to file a lawsuit if the offer is not enough. Therefore, an insurer will generally offer a lawyer better settlement terms. 

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