Why Choose a Lawyer Over a Public Adjustor? (Cont.)

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A 3rd advantage of hiring a Florida hurricane lawyer is that you will not have to make unnecessary payments. If a public adjuster is unable to settle your claim, they will maintain a lien that must be paid when the claim is finally settled. This means that if you reject the initial offer, and then hire a law firm to settle the insurance claim, then you will have to pay both the law firm’s contingency and the public adjuster’s charge. 

Alternatively, by hiring a Florida hurricane lawyer from the very beginning, you will not have to worry about making these unnecessary payments. Always talk to your Florida hurricane lawyer at the outset about their payment structure. This way, you can make an educated decision and price comparison between the fees for hiring a public adjustor vs. hiring a hurricane insurance lawyer. 

You Can Trust a Florida Hurricane Lawyer 

Public adjusters receive very little training and face minimal requirements to become and stay certified. In fact, there has been a recent boom in the number of public adjusters throughout the country. There has also been a boom in cases of fraud associated with public adjusters

On the other hand, when dealing with a Florida hurricane lawyer, you are dealing with a law firm that is required to abide by the rules of the Florida Bar. And law firms have malpractice insurance, so if you feel your claim was not handled properly, you will have legal options available. 

A lawyer will do their best to negotiate the terms of your property damage settlement. But if your insurer refuses you the money you deserve, it is best to have a Florida hurricane lawyer on your side.

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