Store/Retail Negligence

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Personal injury can happen in the blink of an eye. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports that in a 5-year period Americans suffered 24 million disabling and unintentional injuries. Although shops are always trying to entice customers with sales or special events, they may not work as hard to keep stores safe and free of dangers. Unfortunately, once you have encountered a hazard it may be too late. Most of these accidents occur on a normal day in your local grocery store, shopping mall, hardware, or department store. Then you are hurt, maybe unable to work, confused and unsure what to do next. Let us help you.


There are many potential dangers to customers at retail stores if a business isn’t doing all that it can to keep its premises safe for customers. Potential dangers include:

  • Loose mats
  • Improper or poor lighting
  • Wet floors or spills without warning signs
  • Products not properly secured or placed on shelves causing a falling or striking hazard
  • Shelves not properly installed
  • Disorganized aisles and products that cause tripping hazards

It is important to document hazards that were present in the store as well as your injuries.

We can help you.

Unfortunately, retail businesses don’t always have a customer’s best interest at heart. Do not assume the retail store will protect you or document the incident properly. The lawyers at Falk & Falk have experience with store/retail negligence cases and understand how to best ensure that our client’s injuries and the incident that caused them are properly documented.

As an injured customer you may be offered condolences or apologies at the time of the fall, but when it is time to hold the store accountable for the medical expenses and lost wages, those apologies and condolences disappear. Additionally, many times the employees or other customers who were witnesses at the time are no longer available to corroborate your story.


Our lawyers are familiar with the many dangers that can await customers at their local retail shops and we understand the types of injuries that can come from these incidents. Our negligence attorneys are familiar with the practices of retail business and we know how to protect our clients and prove negligence. If you are injured in a grocery, mall, restaurant, hotel, hardware or other retail store:

  • Seek immediate emergency medical assistance if necessary – document care
  • Report the injury to store management
  • Document the dangerous condition/situation
  • Make note if the store knows about the dangerous condition previous to your incident
  • Request a copy of the incident report and contact information of store management
  • Ask the store to preserve any video evidence from store surveillance
  • Follow up with a medical professional – document on-going care

We know that any injury, large or small, can have a serious impact on your quality of life and those you love. We have the skills and experience to show the retail business or jury why you deserve compensation. That is why we want to be your attorney.

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